Tuesday, September 15, 2015

bww - simplistic

Sometimes the simplest shots speak to me.  I hope you like this senior's sneak preview.

Glad to be back to taking photos!


Wednesday, September 2, 2015

bww - wedding groups

Wedding Party with our awesome pastor!

All the candy bits together again!
Lollipop, Mrs. Claus, Reese's, Santa, Tootsie Pop and Skittles

Reese's and Toby with my mom.

Reese's and Toby with his family!

And the whole fam damily!  Well, at least everyone who stayed behind for the pictures.  LOL!  On the far right you can see how big Lollipop's candy bits have gotten.  And Kisses on the end next to Skittles.  You have no idea how hard this girl worked for the wedding.  She was the most awesome wedding planner ever!!

Isn't this a great idea for a parents shot?  Forever Photography did a great job!

Reese's with Frodo . . . .RIP Frodo.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

bww - ceremony

Toby's sister helped guests sign in and get their pom-poms for the send off.

Tootsie Pop


Toby when he saw her for the first time.

 Santa and Reese's walking down the aisle.

They painted a heart around a cross for their unity ceremony.

Prayer during the unity ceremony.

This is the finished painting.

And then he kissed his bride!

It was such a wonderful day!  I hope you enjoy the photos and don't forget you can link up your own black and white photos all week long.


oh my goodness!

I won't be able to post this until Reese's and Toby tell me it's okay to tell everyone, but I have to write about it tonight. . . . because this is the night they told us the big news!  July 11, 2015

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

bww - pre-wedding part 2

More wedding shots I know you are going to love!

We got her dressed and tied her blue sash in the back.  Then it was Santa's turn to see her for the first time in her dress. 

It was pretty emotional.

So thankful for Forever Photography for capturing this moment for us!  

Then it was the bride and groom's turn.  Since they didn't want to see each other before the ceremony, we set up this shot for them.  They exchanged gifts and it was so romantic.  I just love these!

She wrote him a letter.

He gave her a necklace with her new initial on it.

 Mrs. Claus and her baby girl. More wedding shots to come . . .

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Sunday, August 16, 2015


Well, we can finally tell everyone the big secret we have been keeping since July 11th!

Toby and Reese's are expecting!  How wonderful is that?  They have a due date of the middle of March 2016, so there will be a new candy bit to hug and kiss and love on next spring!

Sorry I have been a little lazy lately, we are trying to sell our house and getting everything ready for that has taken up a huge chunk of my time.  Also now that everyone has gotten to take their vacations we are taking some time off as well to do a little traveling.

I promise to post more wedding pictures soon . . . but I know you will understand lots of big things happening around Santa's and my house!


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

bww - pre-wedding

I have exciting news!  The photographers finished the wedding pictures!  I am so thankful for all their hard work and getting these pictures back to us so quickly.    I will be sharing them a few at a time (not all of them) but the highlights over the next few weeks.

All these photos were done by Forever Photography in El Dorado, Arkansas.  They did an amazing job!  If you need a wedding photographer in our area, I highly recommend them.

Here are a few of the "getting ready" shots:

© 2015 Forever Photography

Maid of Honor, Reese's, Tootsie Pop and Lollipop in their super hero shirts!

Best Man (aka Toby's dad), Toby and Skittles with their super hero shirts.  The guys got dressed a little early so they didn't have their shirts on for the photographer.

The groomsmen and groom all wore the Larkspur blue Converse for the wedding!

© 2015 Forever Photography

All the bridesmaids wore matching Converse.  The bride, of course, wore custom-made Batman Converse with the wedding date embroidered on the back heel.

© 2015 Forever Photography

Here's your black and white photo for the week!  I promise there will be more . . . but you will have to tune in next week to see more.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

bww - empty nest? empty house

Once upon a time about 15 years ago, Santa and I built a house big enough for our 4 children.  One by one they have all left (as of June 27th) and now the two of us are living in this huge house by ourselves.  No dogs, no kids . . . just us.

When I first thought about selling the house I didn't want to . . . mostly because now it is the house where Reese's and Toby got married.

But after just a week (because the first week we were out of town) of being in the house just the two of us . . . it seems well . .  selfish to stay.  Someone else could benefit from that much room more than we can.

So as soon as we get it ready I think we are going to list it.  It's sad, because we planned and planned for years before building.  Pouring over house plans, choosing a builder, waiting for the rain to stop and deciding every little detail of the house until finally in 2001 we were able to move in.

We have had a lot of great memories in this house.

Three of the four kids learned to drive in this driveway.

We have lived in this house the longest in our married life.  It was just what we wanted at the time, but now it seems so massively large.  How is that possible?  There was only one child left at home and she was rarely there.  Then Kisses and Skittles moved back in with us but only for 7 months or so.  Maybe it is because the house was so full during the wedding . . . or maybe it's the dogs are gone too, I don't know.  But it seems a lot bigger now.

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