Santa Helpers

Our family is a "his-hers-and ours" blended family.  Mr. Claus has four children whom he adopted during his first marriage.  I have two children (Lollipop and Tootsie Pop) from my first marriage.  Then Mr. Claus and I have two children (Skittles and Reese's ) together.  Mr. Claus' oldest son has four children.  His second oldest son, Twix,  has two children (Starburst and Bit-O-Honey).  His daughter has two children, and his youngest son has two children.

Lollipop has four children (Clark Bar, Sugar Pop, Mars Bar and Swedish Fish), Tootsie Pop has two children (Tootsie Roll and Krackel), Skittles has one child (Sweetart), Reese's has one child (March-Mallow) .  .  .  Starburst has four children (Candy Jar, Cotton Candy, Candy Hearts and Candy Apple) and Bit-O-Honey has three children (Itty Bitty, Little Bit and Honees).

This makes for one big family.  Whoa!  I know, right?  God has blessed our family and continues to amaze and surprise us with every new day . . . just like Christmas!

These are my candy bits!

Tootsie Pop, Skittles, Reese's and Lollipop (2015 Reese's Shower)

The same candy bits 20+ years ago . . . Reese's, Lollipop, Tootsie Pop and Skittles.

Toby, Reese's and March-Mallow (Easter 2018)

March-mallow (2018)

Skittles, Sweetart and Kisses (Easter 2018)

Sweetart (2018 1 year old)

Tootsie Pop and Tootsie Roll (Thanksgiving 2016)

Krackel (born 2018)

Tootsie Roll and Krackel (2018)
Lollipop (2015 Bachlorette Party)

Skittles, Sugar Daddy, Lollipop, Reese's and Tootsie Pop at Lollipop's wedding (2014)

Lollipop and her family (2011).

Mars Bar, Clark Bar, Swedish Fish and Sugar Pop (2018 )

Twix, our son and Snickers his wife July 4th, 2011

Starburst and her family (2018)

Cotton Candy, Candy Jar, Candy Hearts and Candy Apple (2018)

Jolly Rancher and Bit-O-Honey (2018)

Little Bit, Itty Bitty and Honees (2018)