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A like Christmas every day photo session is a little different from other sessions you may have had in the past.  I just love taking pictures  . . . maybe too much sometimes.  If you are interested in booking a photo session please send me a message on facebook or just call and/or text 870-390-0910.

If you are not sure about my photography, I totally get it.  These are photographs of YOUR family, not just some random people.  Click the logos below to see some of my photographs.

 photo facebook_zpsdi1ky7nu.jpg
 photo viewbug_zpsm8ox3be1.png
 photo shootproof_zps5uba5bxg.png

Still not sure?  It's totally okay.  I spent many years (and dollars) purchasing family photos of our little family and most of the time I was stressed out by the time the whole ordeal was over.  With FOUR children, by the end of it I would buy any photo where all 4 kids were looking at the camera  . . . regardless of whether or not they were smiling.  Sitting in studios, waiting in line for our turn, trying to coordinate outfits for four kids . . . well that was the way it was done back in the day.

You let me know what you want in your session and I will do my best to recreate your vision.  God has blessed my camera with abilities far beyond my own and I am always very grateful to Him for providing light and color for photographs.

So check out some of my photos.  If you like what you see great!  You may be ready to book a session.  If you don't like what you see.  That's okay too. There are lots of independent photographers in our area with different vision than me, I am sure there is someone who can provide the photographs you want.

Love the photos?  Yeah!  But what does it cost.  I normally select and edit the 25 best shots and burn them on a CD (or other device) for $100.00 per session.  If you need more than 25 shots we can discuss price.  But you are free to print as many photos as you like from the CD.

If you are ready to book a session check out the availability calendar below.  Dates without times listed are available.  Keep in mind there is time during the week after 5:30 p.m during spring and summer months to do  sessions as well.


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