Skittles and Reese's back in the day . . . when they first got their antlers!  Ha ha ha! 

Okay, so Santa and Mrs. Claus have eight children . . . and Santa had eight reindeer, right?  

  • Dasher

  • Dancer

  • Prancer

  • Vixen

  • Comet

  • Cupid

  • Donner

  • Blitzen

  • Rudolf
  • (well nine with Rudolf)

    So why not have reindeer names?  Well, the main reason was, I didn't think of it before I thought of candy names . . . AND because there will be more than eight before this whole adventure is over and I would be out of reindeer names practically before I even got started. . . . so candy names it is!  Enjoy!

    This IS Shop-O-Rama!
    Okay, so why is a Black Friday shopping trip tradition listed under Reindeer Games?  Well, it's because we have a tradition of wearing reindeer antlers on Black Friday every year.  

    This is what we have done over the years.  We get up at 3AM don Christmas shirts, reindeer antlers, Christmas spirit and sometimes coats and gloves and head out to the early sales on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving, for you unfamiliar with this marketing term).  We hit all the early sales.  Grab a snack and sometimes coffee and keep going until the mall opens.  After a quick loop through the mall, we have our picture made with Santa.  Then it's usually time for lunch.  Then we keep going, without sitting and without complaining ALL DAY LONG!  Sometimes we get home early, but we usually don't make it home before 10PM, and THAT is why it is called Shop-O-Rama!  We have lots of fun! Tons and tons, even if we don't buy a thing!  

    One year we made the Jonesboro local news.  We were at Target for the early morning sale and we actually got interviewed.  The news station sent me a video to keep.  It's pretty funny.  If I can figure out how to post it on youTube, I might be able to put it on this page (one day).  AuntY is the oldest member of our group and she was the star of the video.  At one point she turned around and shook her booty at the camera.  I tried to tell you we have a lot of fun.

    So I am going through my pictures and trying to find all my reindeer photos, as I find them I will post them on this page.  It may take me a while to find all of them, but I'll be sure to post a link on the main blog when I do so you won't miss a single one.  LOL!


    Yes ladies and gentlemen the dark-haired chick on Santa's lap is none other than Mrs. Claus.  One of the very first Shop-O-Rama trips in which I participated.  Can you believe I have been going on Shop-O-Rama THAT long.  I'm thinking this might have been 1990 or 1991, no reindeer antlers yet.  

    1998 or 1999
    This crew includes Lollipop front left and Mrs. Claus middle row right.

    I think this was 2004 or it might have been 2005, but Mrs. Claus is top left.

    This crew includes Tootsie Pop on the left of Santa and Bit O Honey on the right of Santa.  Mrs. Claus is behind Bit O Honey.  We were in Alabama for Thanksgiving that year.

    This crew includes Reese's front and center.  I think this was her first year to go on Shop-O-Rama.  Mrs. Claus back row right corner.

    No Mrs. Claus.  This was the year Skittles was gone to Little Rock to college and we had Thanksgiving at home, I am still looking for the picture our group took . . . cause you know I didn't stay home on Black Friday.

    Mrs. Claus back right.  Reese's front and center in front of Santa.

    I told you we have fun!  This is my niece M. and Reese's goofing around in a shopping cart on our way into Hobby Lobby, in Jonesboro, AR, just last week!  I accidentally left the Santa picture on Aunt Sara's table so I'll post it later.  Reese's also got some new antlers, with ears, this year.  Cute huh?

    Mrs. Claus and Reese's in the back.  This was the best Santa EVER!  On his break he stopped, hugged and talked to each child on his way to the restroom.  

    Mrs. Claus and Reese's in the back again . . . but on opposite sides as last year. Aunt Sara is back to short brown hair instead of blond.  Coach down in front and M. right next to Santa.  There weren't any children visiting this Santa, so we couldn't see him in action this year.

    Reese's in the back with Coach's friend in the back.  Coach and Aunt Sara beside Santa.  Mrs. Claus, Kisses and my niece J on the front row.  This year's festivities were a lot of fun.  This was Kisses first year to join our group!  Making memories!

    This year Santa kissed Aunt Sara on the head for our picture!  Hilarious!!  Mrs. Claus in the back with Coach.  My niece M. was back this year and my niece J. Reese's stayed home to do Thanksgiving with her fiance' and Kisses met up with us later.  We had loads of fun this year!