Black and White Wednesdays

Our black and white Wednesday photo contest . . . has changed to a blog hop (link up).  Now you can share your black and white photos or just link up your blog so others can find you.  No rules or regulations!  Just for fun!

Link up from 
12:01 a.m. WEDNESDAY morning until 12:01 a.m. MONDAY morning
(or midnight Tuesday to midnight Sunday – CENTRAL TIME USA) 

Please include my button below on your post . . . this is so other people will know where to go to check out more great black and white shots.  (AND because it's a pretty cool button.)

Giving all the glory to God, without whom none of us would have anything . . . 
black and white or color.


  1. Hi Girlfriend, I was so pleased to see you at my blog. It's our time of year again! WOO HOO So, I live this meme you got here. I've got the bottom, but I should've read the rules first. I don't have my link right to the Post. Maybe you can delete it & I'll start all over again. Let me know.

  2. Okay, I got the whole thing now & read everything. Guess I got it right, but I'll word it better next week. My Post is a mess, but I think I got my point across. LOL Oh you're probably as awake as I am. You left my link instead of yours. I managed though. LOL Talk at ya later! Dream of the Angels my friend. I'm going to try to find a few myself! Nite.


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