Sunday, May 20, 2018

God uses broken things . . .

Many of you may not know, but last year I started a new job, which requires me to drive an hour to work and an hour home every day.  This is a huge difference from my 10 minute commute I have enjoyed for nearly 25 years.

During the winter as I drove past an open pasture I noticed that a tree had been uprooted by one of the many storms and now lay over on it's side. I didn't consider it very remarkable at all during the winter.  Probably why I didn't think to stop and take a picture.  Just a fleeting thought during a daily drive by.  

As spring arrived, I realized the tree was not dead, as it began putting on tiny buds which have since grown into leaves.  Even though this tree looked like it was dead, it was only broken.  What a great reminder to us that God uses people who, to the world, look broken beyond repair.  But He has a different plan for their life.  

Do you feel broken beyond repair?  "If it's true that You use broken things .  . then here I am Lord I am all Yours!"  ~ Matthew West 


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