Tuesday, February 28, 2017

. . . almost over.

Anyone who follows this blog . . . any one of the 7 readers of these posts, just sayin'. . . . should know that February is rough on our family.  Many of you may not have the same experience with this month, but our family struggles to make it through February every year.  Valentine's Day is no consolation, since it is a made-up holiday to sell leftover Christmas candy.

This year was no different as our precious Lollipop lost her best friend, at only 39 years of age . . .  and in February, of course.  So this post is for Trish!

Lollipop on the left and Trish in the middle.  I only knew of her until Leah's wedding, when I got to hang out with her several different times.  She was THE most fun person, just gone way too soon.  Trish had issues with her liver and ultimately that took her life.  But it is her life that should be celebrated, and not her death.  She was an amazing daughter, mother, grandmother, aunt, niece and friend!  Trish you are missed!

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