Thursday, December 15, 2016

Marchmallow is 9 months old!

Oh my heart!  It's already here . . . Christmas with this little cutie!  When Reese's was pregnant we were calculating what she might be doing at Christmastime this year.  Now that it's here, it seems such a long time ago we were waiting for her to arrive.

When she is interested in something, she crosses her little feet when she's sitting.  It's simply adorable.  She can clap her hands.  She is almost waving "bye-bye". 

While her mom was finishing college we got to see her almost every day during the week. Now that her mom graduated, we don't see her as often.

Marchmallow wasn't too excited that night, she didn't feel good.  But Santa and I were very proud! 


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  1. What an adorable photo shoot of Marchmallow! That's such a cute nickname, too. It looks like y'all had a lovely Christmas time. May God's goodness follow you in the new year!


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