Wednesday, December 7, 2016


We are already starting week 2 of Advent at our church and I have to say it is really working on my heart about Christmas.   Somehow, knowing that I am staying focused on Jesus, instead of stressing about every little thing has helped me relax this season.

Of course, it's easy for me I don't have the pressure of getting presents and stuff ready for 4 children anymore.  But I would still find myself being anxious and stressed.  This way I am able to re-center my day every morning and face the reality that the day after Christmas will just be like a regular day and to not stress out.

One day all the stress of this world will be gone because Jesus will return and we will all be with Him.  So there is no need to stress about what is a fleeting moment here on earth.  Best wishes for next year and maybe you don't practice #advent at your church, but you could during your own quiet time.  Just get ready for Christmas a little differently!


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