Monday, November 21, 2016

she said YES!

Oh my goodness!  If I had to choose my favorite type of sessions it would be these!  Capturing those exciting happy moments with real emotion and real reaction!   We have known this young lady since she was just a kid and now she is getting married.  Such a great session!

We had a "family" photo session prior to this moment, and the rest of the family who knew about the surprise decided that since everyone's mascara might be affected we should save these photos for the last ones.   I think she wondered why he wanted to be in her family photos and now he can be in all of them from now on.

I am always humbled and honored when I am asked to do these kinds of sessions.  It's such an important moment in their lives and I am grateful that I get to peek in through a window at their story. 

Congrats to L and W!  Best wishes and many years of happiness!


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