Thursday, November 3, 2016

Cubs Win! Cubs Win!! CUBS WIN!!

Cubs won the World Series 2016 last night in Cleveland!  Santa and I were here at the North Pole screaming at the TV and there may (or may not) have been tears of joy!  It was all like it was a dream!

In the picture Skittles first Cubs game!  I don't know how it was growing up a Cubs fan, because I grew up in Kentucky with my mom screaming for the Cincinnati Reds!  But we have grown OUR kids up to be Cubs fans . . . because Santa is from Chicago and because Santa's mom was even a bigger Cubs fan than he is.  So all these years of being Cubs fans only to be disappointed every year, I only know what it's like to be a fan now, but they have been Cubs fans their whole life!

When I met Santa I was not fully aware of how big of a fan his family was, but it didn't take long to figure it out.  I went to Wrigley field and sang in the 7th inning stretch with Harry Carey!  Ate Chicago dogs in the stands and watched the Cubs lose . . . like always!  But they were always fans and naturally, Kisses and Toby and myself got adopted into this Cubs club by marriage . . . and now Cubs are the World Series Champs!

It's hard to believe I can even type those words . . . or that it really even happened.  But it did!  They did it  . . . and we lived to see it!!

Texts were flying between all our houses with Marchmallow being a baby and Kisses being sick we were not all together last night.  Extra innings and a rain delay caused all of us to be up past 1:00 a.m. but it was worth it to see history being made right before our eyes.

Reese's and Santa decided that March-mallow was born in 2016 so she broke the curse!  LOL! Happy National Cubs Win Day!!


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