Friday, November 11, 2016



This is not a political post.  No election rant, no complaining.  This is about the friends who challenge you.

This is my wonderful friend who recently got married.  We were able to have a bridal photo session the night before she got married.  All the bridesmaids stayed in this beautiful Bed and Breakfast!  Isn't this just a fabulous room?  Perfect for a bridal photo.

Anyway, she asked, naturally, if I would be the photographer at her wedding.  I don't do weddings for the public but if I love you very much I will do your wedding photos.  Weddings are stressful just as a general rule, but to be the wedding photographer is especially stressful to me because I care about how the pictures turn out and I stress about capturing and presenting the bride in the best possible light and pose.  It's in my head . . . I know it's unrealistic but I stress none the less.  The bride joked at the time that she was going to challenge me to be the wedding photographer AND be in the wedding! Because I love her, yes there I am in the wedding . . . camera (and matching camera strap) around my neck. 

Also . . .  as you can tell Santa shot the ceremony pictures because I was IN the wedding.  Big thanks to him for all his work!

Big Congratulations to the happy couple!

Do you have a friend who challenges you or keeps you on your toes?


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