Thursday, October 27, 2016

Out West . . . Grand Imperial Hotel

The Grand Imperial Hotel was a fantastic find thanks to S&S's friend who happened to work there as well.  You have to click on the link and read all the history about this great old hotel.  It is so grand and so beautiful I wanted to wander through the whole place and take a million pictures. . . . but I could not.

You see it was at this point in our vacation that I was stopped in my tracks by altitude sickness.

This grand hotel was built in the late 1800's so that's right . . .no elevator.

This was the grand staircase and the point at which it was painfully obvious I had altitude sickness. So here's the story. . .  if you have been following along with our vacation you know we have been hiking through the Arches National Park just 2 days before this.  Over mountains, across GAPS in rocks etc.  Our step counters on our phones show 7 miles one day and 11 miles the next day.  But when I hit 9,318 feet above sea level I could not make it up TWO of these steps.  Not flights of stairs . . . TWO 

. . .  STEPS.  

I was totally out of breath and my legs were burning like I had just finished a 5K run (which would never happen BTW).  It was so shocking that, at first I didn't know what to do.  I stopped on the steps and told our vacation buddies and Santa (who were carrying luggage and walking up these stairs with a little difficulty but they were making it) I told them they should go past me and I would catch up to them.  

I climbed this flight and one more TWO STEPS at a time.  Which took about 15 minutes.  It was the most awful feeling I have felt.  As I tried to take in deep breaths, I just couldn't get enough air.  The whole rest of our stay I struggled to breathe, struggled to walk and had horrible indigestion.  I sat up in bed the entire night because I was unable to lie down.

This was our room key . . . the infamous ROOM 219.  If you click this link you can read what I was reading while sitting up all night in this "haunted" hotel room.  I can tell you from first hand experience there was no ghost in our room.  I was awake all night and I never saw or heard him one time.

But check out the rest of these pictures from inside the hotel.

Clawfoot tub from S&S's bathroom.  I did climb ANOTHER flight of stairs so I could peek at their room too.

Can't you just imagine Wyatt Earp and the like coming down these stairs headed to the casino.  

Sitting area upstairs.

The main lobby.  The painting is Lillian Russel, who frequented the hotel back in the day.

The safe behind the front desk.

The original front desk.

The restaurant and saloon next door (and attached to the hotel).

The original bar.

A gun box . . . of course, these guns are toys but you get the idea.

And there it was an actual bullet hole in the bar.  All the history in this place and I can't even hardly move.  How crazy was that?

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