Saturday, October 1, 2016

Out West . . . Chateau Montelena

We had a private wine tasting thanks again to M & B for giving us all the great tips and allowing us to tour this winery.

Chateau Montelena is a beautiful place which still makes wine the French way, which I learned tastes different from the California way.

Our private tasting room.

I'm not a wine drinker so I couldn't tell you what all we sampled.  Besides the fact that I was too busy taking pictures.

But everything we sampled was delicious.

The grounds were immaculate and so lush.  Everything was so gorgeous it was hard to stop taking pictures.

We even saw mud bugs (crawfish) if you can believe it.

Just a beautiful winery and worth a look if you are ever in California wine country.

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  1. What a lovely place to visit. Adding to my list!

  2. We went here a few years ago. I have a few of the same photos. We loved it and we received a few bottles over the year! laura


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