Sunday, October 30, 2016

Out West . . . Cadillac Ranch

Texas is a blur of flat lands and windmills I think this photo sums up Texas pretty well.  (No offense to you Texans out there.)  We were headed to the last stop before home and that was the Cadillac Ranch outside of Amarillo Texas.

The milo doesn't really grow blue in Texas, but it does get spray painted blue by tourists coming to spray paint the Cadillacs.

There is such a build-up of graffiti that it sticks out from the cars.

It looks as if the place is abandoned . . . but that's just clever photography.

There were people everywhere leaving their mark on these up-ended cars in the ground.

So if you ever find yourself around Amarillo Texas with nothing better to do here are my tips . . .

a.) wear old shoes because it's literally in the middle of a milo field
b.) bring your own spray paint because the gift shop charges $5 a can
c.) bring a camera because how many times are you going to see Cadillacs buried in the ground, right?

We had so much fun on this vacation.  As you can see, we were gone a long time.  Just wandering the highways and seeing what there is to see is the best kind of road trip vacation!  

We now return to our regularly scheduled blog posts  . . . waiting in the wings.

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