Friday, October 28, 2016

Out West . . .ATV Mountain Trails

That's right people as sick as I was  . . . I was not about to sit in a hotel room all day while everyone else rode in ATV's up the mountain.  So I managed to get myself and my camera in the backseat of a 5 passenger ATV with S&S's friend playing tour guide to all of us.

How great is this right?  So glad I didn't stay in the hotel.

We saw waterfalls.

Mining remains.

Gorgeous valleys.

Beautiful mountains.

Then there was a shepherd moving sheep across the road, so we had to stop.

There were hundreds of sheep.

At the top of one trail we found some old mining equipment.

And we got a group picture.

Look how beautiful.

An overhead view of a beaver dam!  Not too many times you will ever get a view like this.

Amazingly beautiful.

It was too much for me and I had to get out of the ATV and limp over, legs on fire, to crouch down and get this shot of the mountain stream.  Oh my goodness!!

At one point I had to pass the camera to Santa and he captured this little guy mid-air!  Great job!

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