Thursday, October 20, 2016

Are you afraid of heights?

Mrs. Claus is so brave!  Standing on the edge of the cliff after hiking in Canyonlands!

THIS is a total lie!  I am terrified . . . petrified of heights!  Which kind of stinks when you love taking pictures.  But kind of what also keeps you alive!

I hiked from the parking lot down to the big flat rock where people are walking in this shot.  THEN Santa and S&S convinced me to go out on the ledge to get a better view.  To GET out there I had to cross over a very narrow GAP between the rocks.  It doesn't matter the size of the GAP . . . it matters the HEIGHT!  I looked down between the GAP in these rocks and saw how high it was and FREAKED OUT!  I crossed over it!  My accomplishment of the vacation . . . . without realizing I have to cross back to get home! 

THIS is the ledge!  I get a weak-knee feeling just looking at Santa on the edge of this cliff.  As you can see Santa is NOT afraid of heights at all!  When I crossed the "gap" and got over to this ledge . . . I wasn't as brave as Santa.  I was up against the rock at the far right of this picture holding on.  Not even as far out as the lady in the red shirt is . . . . because it is STRAIGHT DOWN . . . . no railing, no fence . . . . my feet are numb just typing the words and I am sitting at my desk on terra firma!  

By the time I got back across the ledge I was shaking all over.  But I did it!  Faced one of my biggest fears!  Doesn't mean my fear is conquered by any stretch of the imagination . . . but facing your fears is the first step!

Santa trying to show me how it's NOT scary . . . . not working btw!  If you have a fear of heights you understand where I am coming from, and if you don't, well it just sounds silly!

Regardless of how I felt Canyonlands was amazing!

I suggest you go (even if you are terrified of heights) as you may never see anything else like it!

We had a great time hiking all over Canyonlands! I liked the overlooks with fences a lot more.  LOL!

Well, now he's just showing off!

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