Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Summer is Over

This year was a whirlwind of trips for Santa and Mrs. Claus.

Skittles and Kisses went with us to Chicago to catch a Cubs game and to visit Santa's family.  We had a really great trip.  Here is one of the shots Mrs. Claus actually got in (taken by the lovely people at the Sears Tower).  This was so terrifying for me because of my fear of heights.  We had to wait in a little bit of a line (which heightens the fear, of course) so when we got up there for it to be our turn I started feeling weak in the knees. After I took a bunch of Santa from the safety of the building, I ventured out into the glass box for our picture.  I ran out looked up at the camera and ran out of there.  THEN I had to go back into the glass box because Santa's eyes were closed in the first picture.  Oh em gee!!  Can you see the fear in my eyes?  I hope not, but it was terrifying!

Mrs. Claus with Tootsie Pop and with Lollipop while we were in Florida.

After a quick trip to Florida we went on our Out West Vacation with our good vacation buddies, S&S!

The best part of the trip for me was being able to say, "Can you pull over there so I can take a picture?"  Which I did a lot.  This was just a rest stop along the highway that said "Scenic Overlook".  We never really knew what kind of scene we would be overlooking but we stopped most every time.

In the desert trying to find the Milky Way, but unfortunately there were too many clouds and we couldn't see it.  You can see the light trails from the traffic going by . . .  but no Milky Way.

On our way out west we had to go across Texas and Arizona and this was a familiar scene.  Wide open flat land with trains.  So you are welcome for this lovely shot.

This is my favorite photo from Tombstone.  I think it really transports you back in time.

We chased a lot of sinking sunsets on this trip.  This bridge in Phoenix was great!  There was a grandmother and her grandson taking in one last sunset together before they moved from Phoenix.  So of course I took a picture for them.


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