Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Introducing . . . March-mallow!

Two weeks ago on the Ides of March, 2016 we welcomed our newest granddaughter to our family.

Introducing March-mallow!

I love the candy name almost as much as I love this little girl!  She is just beautiful.  Reese's went in on Monday night after her appointment and little March-mallow was born the next morning! 

Reese's and Toby are doing great and are madly in love with this precious gift from heaven.  Thankful to God for answered prayers for healthy baby and healthy mom!



  1. Congratulations! March-mallow is gorgeous. We welcomed our 5th grandchild to the family on 2/19. Her blog name is Snow. I was so inspired by your candy names that when we started having grands I chose to use weather related names. Grandchildren are just the best!

    1. I love your weather names! So glad you stopped by to check her out. Maybe when we sell our house and move to town I will have more reliable internet and can blog more. But right now it's just not worth the hassle. Much more fun things to do with my time now.


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