Wednesday, September 2, 2015

bww - wedding groups

Wedding Party with our awesome pastor!

All the candy bits together again!
Lollipop, Mrs. Claus, Reese's, Santa, Tootsie Pop and Skittles

Reese's and Toby with my mom.

Reese's and Toby with his family!

And the whole fam damily!  Well, at least everyone who stayed behind for the pictures.  LOL!  On the far right you can see how big Lollipop's candy bits have gotten.  And Kisses on the end next to Skittles.  You have no idea how hard this girl worked for the wedding.  She was the most awesome wedding planner ever!!

Isn't this a great idea for a parents shot?  Forever Photography did a great job!

Reese's with Frodo . . . .RIP Frodo.

Even though there isn't a black and white for this post, it doesn't mean you should skip out.   Link up your favorite black and white photos here all week.


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  1. Gorgeous wedding photos! So much fun and romantic. It's love everywhere. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos.


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