Tuesday, July 7, 2015

bww - rings

The wedding ring is a circle without end representing the love between the husband and wife that never ends.

These are their actual wedding shoes.  Isn't this a cute shot?   I just love that they both wore converse at the wedding.

I love photographs of wedding rings.  I really love this one.  Even though Reese's didn't wear these shoes in the wedding she did wear them for the bridal session.

Here is your black and white shot for this week.  I love this perspective on the wedding rings.  Now it's your turn to link up your favorite black and white photo of the week.



  1. Delicious pictures, very fun and creative with rings, love it!

  2. Circles and how you capture them....perfect! love the BW.

  3. Lovely photos! My fave is the one with the chucks!

  4. Oh I am so sorry that my entry is not b&w! Will go back with a b&w entry soon =)

    1. No worries! We don't have a lot of rules around here. Black and white or not, thanks for linking up!


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