Thursday, June 25, 2015

candy names

Since we keep adding to the family  . . . just for fun let's run down some of the candy bits names we have already used.  To put faces with all these names check out the Santa's Helpers page.

Lollipop - oldest daughter
Sugar Daddy - husband
Clark Bar - grandson
Sugar Pop - grand-daughter
Mars Bar - grandson
Swedish Fish - grandson

Tootsie Pop - 2nd oldest daughter
Tootsie Roll - grandson

Skittles - son
Kisses - wife

Reese's - youngest daughter
Toby - husband

Twix - son
Snickers - wife

Starburst - granddaughter
Charms - husband
Candy Jar - great grandson
Cotton Candy - great grandson
Candy Heart - great grand-daughter

Bit O Honey - grand-daughter
Jolly Rancher - husband
Itty Bitty - great grand-daughter
Little Bit - great grand-daughter
?? - great grand-daughter (coming the end of 2015) - i'm thinking teeny bit to go with the other bits in her family.

Almond Joy - niece
Mounds - niece


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  1. You have a lot more candy in your family since I first started reading you years ago! Thanks for the update ☺


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