Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

Mrs. Claus' mother, as many of you remember, is Mrs. Jolly.  Recently, I saw a question on-line that asked what did you get from your mother.

You know, hair color, eye color etc.  Well, my mother's eyes are brown so I did not get that from her.  I got my dark / graying hair from her and maybe my nose.  Many of my features come from my father.  One thing that I got from my mother was a pursuit of God and a desire to be closer to Him. That's probably the best thing you could ever get from your mom.  Both of my parents sought God and to have a better relationship with Him.  Not that they were perfect parents, but that they were always striving to improve.

I love you past heaven Momma!  Happy Mother's Day!


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