Tuesday, May 19, 2015

bww - art is subjective

Here's the thing.  What one person sees as beautiful another person sees as ugliness.  What captures one person's imagination does nothing but repulse another person.  This is why I totally understand if someone does not like my photography.  I also understand the distinct difference between being emotionally touched by a photograph and seeing the technical beauty.  If you do not like my photographs I am cool with it, you don't have to like them.  The main thing I am going for is whether I feel my photographs are improving rather than staying the same.  If you love my photographs I appreciate that and my hope is that my sharing them is something other people enjoy.  But I am not deluded to think that my photographs are the "best" out there.  They are really not.  There are way better photographers out there, and I love to look at their photos.

In this particular photo the model looks very relaxed, her hair is slightly messy around her face, and I really love that her foot looks as if it is resting on the top of the water which makes some little ripples radiate out from that point.  It looks as if she could stand up on the surface of the water and stroll across the top like a lighter than air type creature or spirit.

I love it!  I don't say that very often about my own photographs, because I don't always love them.  This photograph was not planned, I was getting my footing in the lake, trying not to fall in and get soaked.  Testing the light, setting up the composition, bla bla bla.  The model was not sure what we were going for yet and I wasn't sure either.  But when I reviewed the pictures after the shoot, I was taken away to some other place in this photo. 

Here is the black and white version.  If you like it I am glad and I smile inside.  If you hate it, I totally get that and hope you will keep coming back to see if you like some other photos in the future.  Be sure to share your favorite black and white photos from this week.



  1. I do like this photograph very much. I know what you mean about not loving all your photos-there are many of mine that I like, but not many I can say I love. I have also found that some of my photos that I thought were mediocre others really liked-much to my astonishment :).

  2. I don't have a black and white photo to link up today and I haven't done one in ages. I still love your blog and thanks for linking up!

  3. I LOVE this image, reminds me of one I saw a while back where they had used a stool to make it look like the model was sitting on top of the water. It is something I was to recreate in my self portraits


  4. This is a gorgeous image! I love the way it has come together - it looks so natural and easy.

  5. I love everything about this image!!! the lines, the lighting, the composition: all fantastic. It absolutely evokes this sense of an airy creature who could just float right across that misty water. beautiful.

  6. You are totally right about art being subjective. That's the thing about art. I totally love this image of yours. It draws you in, shows and conveys emotion, makes the viewer think. Technically IMO it is also good, a nicely framed silhouette. There will always be people that don't like or don't appreciate what you're doing. It is part of being an artist, part of being human.
    p.s. maybe you want to join in on my Saturday art linkup. I'd love to have you there :)


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