Tuesday, April 7, 2015

bww - wedding beginnings

Many of you remember that Reese's and Toby are getting married in June of this year.  Well, she went ahead and had her bachelorette party/lingerie shower while she was out for spring break.  She has so many projects to do during classes that she just doesn't have time.  Lollipop and Tootsie Pop were able to come for the festivities which made their baby sister very happy.  The decorations were courtesy of the ever-fabulous wedding planner - Kisses.  She did a great job!

We started at our house with shower games and presents.  The maid of honor is explaining one of the games in this shot.

Most of us wore our superhero t-shirts instead of being dressed up, because we were going to paint later.

And some extra embarrassing stuff from Tootsie Pop and Lollipop! As Reese's was opening her gifts Tootsie Pop wrote down what she said . . . . like "This is cute." or "Whoa where did you find this?"  

Then after all the games and gifts, Lollipop read them under the heading of:  "What Reese's might say on her wedding night."

 So much fun!

Then her bridesmaids and friends all loaded up and went to Bossier City to Painting with a Twist for a painting class.

If you aren't familiar with Painting with a Twist you should check it out.  We all came in and the painting Reese's picked was outlined on each of our canvases.  So that was a huge relief for those of us who are artistically challenged.  Then the teacher steps you through painting all the parts.  And they let you choose your own colors, so we had a lot of creative people and a lot of different little fox pictures.

Reese's was in her element so of course her painting was great!

Everybody did such a great job.  (Just glad I didn't sit next to Reese's . . . too much pressure.)

We painted "Feeling Foxy" and it was a lot of fun.  Reese's really had a good time.  Thanks to all the girls who came and especially to Lollipop, Tootsie Pop, Kisses and the maid of honor for all their hard work!

Here they all are after we got finished painting!  Starburst in the blue ( . . . and we are very close to seeing Candy Hearts too), Bit O' Honey in the lime green and Kisses in the Ninja Turtle shirt.  Such fun girls!  AND since Tootsie Pop and Lollipop were able to come for the bachelorette party . . . that could only mean one thing . . .

Kid picture time!!!  Tootsie Pop, Skittles, Reese's and Lollipop all together in my house!  I love it when they are all together.  They will all be back together in June for the big day.  It's getting started!

Happy Black and White Wednesday!



  1. Wonderful shots and that last one is precious.

  2. What talented artists. The shower looks fun!

  3. oops. Didnt mean to link up a colored pic. Sorry about that!

    1. That's perfectly fine! We don't have a lot of rules, just glad you linked up! Have a great week!!

  4. Looks like such fun. And what artists!


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