Tuesday, March 17, 2015

bww - Happy St. Patty Day

Happy St. Patty Day to all of you!!

With all the rain we have been having I was trying to catch up some photo sessions.  So I was clicking all weekend.

Just so you know, the glamorous life of a photographer is a big fat lie.

As you can see the front of my shirt and front of my jeans are soaking wet.  Because previously I had to lay on the ground to get the shot . . . and the ground was so muddy from all the rain . . . so yeah. But my senior model looked terrific and that's the most important thing!

Here is your beautiful black and white shot for this week.

Pay no attention to the incorrect date on the copyright.  This photo is copyrighted, but I didn't choose the correct watermark when I exported this shot.  You understand I was busy this weekend, right?


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  1. He is beautiful! Took me a while to figure out how to get 2015 on my copyright as well.


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