Monday, February 9, 2015


The freakiest thing happened to me this morning!  I was almost awake.  You know that kind of asleep, but you know you should be getting up soon kind of almost awake?  Well, if you don't know, it's kind of like daydreaming with your eyes closed.

It happens to me every morning.  I don't just jump out of bed like a jack-in-the-box.  I have to wake up a little bit before I get out of bed.  On the weekends it's more like an hour of almost waking up before I get up.  But on weekdays I don't have that luxury.  So the almost awake isn't the freaky part.

THIS is the freaky part.

I am "dreaming" that I am riding in Santa's pick up truck and an 18-wheeler crosses in front of our lane onto the road headed toward us in the correct lane.  Way down the road with plenty of time to navigate the turn.  No big deal.  Except his trailer is stuck across our lane, while he is driving in his lane!  And  . . .


I wake up!

I can see this tractor trailer so clearly that I can almost read the lettering and numbers printed in white on the sides of the trailer.  Faded red color looks almost like a railroad car with the vertical lines down the sides.  White lettering so clear that I can almost make out but then my brain shuts off  . . . because that's when I woke up.

The vision of this tractor trailer coming at us is beyond freaky.  It was just very real.  Obviously, since I am typing this dream to you I am fine and it was all just a dream.

But it has stuck with me all morning.


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