Sunday, February 1, 2015

FEB15 - Challenge Day 1

Day 1 

I am . . .  

getting old.  

This picture was taken Christmas morning and while trying to check out my Pandora charm . . . I had to borrow Santa's reading glasses just to see it.  So yes, I am getting old.  Some may even say I AM old.  

So this is me.  I guess the first day you should always introduce yourself.  Welcome to the first day of FEB15 - Photo Challenge.  This is a photo challenge from i heart faces.  You can click this link to learn more about them and their photo challenges.

I started this challenge in January in order to get all of my posts scheduled and ready to go.  But I had a lot of fun setting this all up for you lovely readers.  So while you are stuck inside during the month of February you will have something to look forward to every morning.


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