Monday, December 29, 2014

what did Mrs. Claus get for Christmas?

The burning question of the year. . . am I right?

Well, Mrs. Claus is pretty hard to buy for . . .

and to be honest . . . . after years of Christmases together Santa has all but stopped trying to surprise me.  Mostly . . . because I am the biggest under the tree snoop EVER!!  In the history of present guessing . . . I'm ranked pretty high.  Not to brag or anything.  But I don't think I have been surprised except for one Christmas in 25 years.

Okay maybe two times.  The first one was the engagement ring in the Christmas tree.  I wasn't THAT surprised because we had already been talking about marriage.  So maybe that one doesn't count.  The only other time, Santa got me a cedar chest.  I was totally shocked because I had absolutely no idea.  It was set up in the family room on Christmas morning.  Santa was really super sneaky that year.

But since then, I have either accidentally seen my present, or at least the delivery package (ie: knew where it came from) overheard Santa talking about it, or ordering it.  It's always something.  On the other hand Santa is always surprised because he forgets a lot.  LOL!  Just like this year we purchased one gift together that I wrapped and put under the tree for fun. He totally forgot what it was!  So funny!

Here are some of my favorite gifts!

from Santa

from Reese's and Toby

from Kisses and Skittles.

So yeah, I had a fabulous Christmas!  How about you?  Did Santa come to your house too?


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