Wednesday, December 10, 2014

wedding fun

Okay, this picture is from Thanksgiving and not from the wedding.  But I had so much stuff to get ready that I had to write this post in advance.  Thanks to Kisses for taking our picture . . . because her father-in-law is a big goof ball what should have taken 3 shots, took 13.  Maybe I will share the outtakes with you one day . . .just not today.  Too much to do to get ready for the Florida wedding trip.

As of the day this post . . . . We are on our way to Florida to see Lollipop and Sugar Daddy get married.  I am beyond excited for these two to tie the knot and get their family officially started.  LOL!  Even though it seems like they have already been married, they are now going to have a wedding, with bridesmaids and flowers (in my best "My Cousin Vinny" impersonation).

So go ahead and link up your black and white photos for the next couple of weeks.  Because I know I will be too busy to post any.  You know I will be snapping away at the wedding, so get ready when I get back to see all the great festivities.  Can't wait for you all to see!!


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