Saturday, December 13, 2014

Sugar Daddy and Lollipop Got Married!

It's true!  Just a few short hours ago Lollipop and Sugar Daddy got married.  12/13/14 . . . how cool is that for a wedding date?  Sugar Daddy's mom was so hospitable to all of us.  Words can not express how grateful we are for her allowing us to have the wedding at her house.

Santa walked her down the aisle and gave her away.  I know that Lollipop would have loved for her dad to be here to walk her down the aisle.  But she did have her dad's dog tags on her bouquet, so he was with her in spirit.

Such a sweet ceremony with all of the little candy bits in Lollipop and Sugar Daddy's life.  They invited all their children to join in the sand ceremony.

Mars Bar, Sugar Pop, Clark Bar and Swedish Fish joined their parents in the ceremony.  It was so adorable I just had to snap a picture.

Then they were married!  So happy for them both!  Such a beautiful wedding and such a beautiful family!  Love them all past heaven.

Skittles, Sugar Daddy, Lollipop, Reese's and Tootsie Pop after the wedding!

More fun pictures to come . . .like the toast from the maid of honor and much, much more. . . so stay tuned!


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