Monday, December 1, 2014

sorry I missed last week . . . it WAS Thanksgiving break!

For Thanksgiving we go to Santa's sister's house almost every year.  We eat too much, watch football, Black Friday shop and generally have a lot of fun!  This year I got to take senior pictures of my great-nephew. . . it's hard to believe he will graduate in May.  

When I left to go to Thanksgiving my house looked like this.

My kitchen was a mess while I was making cookies for Thanksgiving!

When I got home from Thanksgiving my house looked like this!  It was so windy while we were gone!

So how was YOUR Thanksgiving??


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  1. Dear Mrs. Claus, It's your time of year, right??? Of course, Christ's Day is every day. I laughed at your trees.... It was like that for us too. The leaves were very late dropping this year. It was the last week of November before they finally all came down in a rush. Glad you had a great Thanksgiving. Only three weeks left. Enjoy Emmanuel--God with us.


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