Wednesday, December 24, 2014

oh what fun

It's Christmas Eve and I thought it would be fun to share one of the gifts I gave this year.  Since I already know they were received!

I had such fun with these gift cards for my nieces in Kentucky I just had to share the idea with all of you.

So I mail gift cards or email gift certificates every year, since we are not together.  It's kind of a let down of a gift . . . maybe not for them, but for me.  You know?  Signing the card and sticking a gift card in an envelope and licking it.  Done.  Right?

So this year I decided to attach some strings (literally) to their gift cards.

Each little note is attached to the one before with red and white striped cord (Walmart craft section), in one long strip.  Secured with a tad bit of clear tape to keep them the correct distance apart.

Each note has a different little message, to instruct them how to use the gift.

The last one instructs them to take a photo with the gift and text it to my cell phone.  What do you think?


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