Tuesday, October 14, 2014

bww - gigi

Now you may recall that the little candy bits (that is great-grandbabies) call Mrs. Claus, Gigi.  But I have a friend who has a new little grandson and he will call her Gigi.  It's a cool name for a cool g-ma!

This is Gigi and her 3 week old little man.  This little guy held his head up through several snaps of my camera while we were trying to get him to burp.   You know by now that I pray for all my photo sessions and God faithfully puts some surprising moments in my camera.   Gigi and her husband went on vacation with us to Hawaii this year and I was so excited to get to take photos for her daughter.

You may have wondered what my grandkids call me . . .  well it's not Gigi.  It's Mamaw.  Yup, just plain old Mamaw.

So you know the drill . . . link up your favorite shots and give a shout out (if you are a grandmother) of the name your g-babies call you.  If you are not, you can tell us the name you "hope" to be called or your own grandmother's nickname.



  1. Wonderful that you get to capture all these newborns.

  2. Oh my...look at that cute inquisitive little face!

  3. A beautiful b&w photo, so cute!

  4. Wonderful and so sweet. I think babies are just adorable.

  5. Beautiful shot!! No grandkids yet....just a grand-puppy!!


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