Thursday, October 2, 2014

50? Is that right? 50? . . . . 50.

I was seriously born the same month AND year as the Ford Mustang!  My absolute favorite car!  

I always dreamed of having a light blue Mustang with a white convertible top.  But for a different birthday I received a '66 Mustang (which started out pretty rough) but ended up looking like this!  (I wish I still looked like that young girl.)

(This was taken in January 2003 . . . eleven years ago.)

It was my absolute favorite until NOW!

THIS is my 50th birthday gift from Santa!

Don't you just love it?

Okay, okay, I have found out that NOT everyone loves this car.  But the only thing that matters is that I really, really love it.  Everything is so convenient and right at my fingertips . . . . literally!

I love that it has manual transmission!  I no longer try to look at my phone while I am driving because I am concentrating on driving and I don't really even think about it any more.  I'm sure that Santa will be happy about that added benefit of this car.

AND  . . .it looks so cute in my spot in the garage!!

When I started writing this post it was well in advance of October because I just shot this photo today.  But it's true . . . 50 years ago I was born and 10 years ago Santa gave me this ring for my 40th birthday.

The ring was such a shock I couldn't breathe right for a little while.  I just kept staring at it in the box.  I don't "love" the ring.  It's nice and of course I love Santa for buying it for me, but I don't love the ring.  And I don't really love the car, either.  

I really like this photo and the sun flare is not photoshopped. . . although I did plan the angle and set it up . . . it's the real deal.  

I know that the real deal in my life doesn't have anything to do with this ring or my new car.  My happiness does not rest in these things, my happiness has always been in my relationship with Jesus Christ . . . the rest is just like Christmas every day.  Why wouldn't it be?  

Someone could steal my car.  I could lose my ring down the disposal in my kitchen.  I guess I could lose my car too (because it's so small).  Beyond that I will most likely pass my ring on to my daughter, but whose to say she won't have to sell it to buy food or pay a medical bill.  It's just stuff.  And it will all burn in the end.  

Having a relationship with Jesus Christ IS the only thing that will last past the grave and past all the stuff on the world.  If you don't have a relationship with the one true God, you should message me and I will tell you what I know about Jesus!  

Seriously, 50 years!  Happy Birthday to (me) . . . Mrs. Claus!  Hope you have 60 more!!  (That's 110 between you and me!!)  Birthdays are such a wonderful thing aren't they?  It's my very first time being 50, I've never been this age before.  So exciting!!!  I hope I can do 50 justice!


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