Saturday, August 16, 2014

*eh hem* - a little perspective on Saturday morning

I woke up early because I have 2 back-to-back baby sessions that I get to do, only to find more stupidity on social media than I am willing to let slide off my back.  My little baby fingers poised on the keys and ready to strike.

The randomness and absurdity of my facebook feed has reached a new low.

I read about Lily who is a small child struggling with a new heart transplant.  Touching.

I read Mike Hucabee's response to "evil" in Iraq.

Then I read where facebook was going to require users to install Messenger.


People seriously?  Do we really need to vent and complain about facebook's terms of service and an app?  Really?

I think you should read this article:

Now tell me how important it is to rant on facebook about the latest app you have to install on your mobile device.

I'm sorry, but Americans (in general) are spoiled and a little oblivious to some harsh realities in this world.  I can't just sit on my comfy couch and not at least give you, my lovely readers some Saturday morning perspective.

I don't want you guys to be offended if you shared any of these posts.  I just think there are bigger things to get our "panties in a wad" over than mobile apps.  I'm just sayin' . . .



  1. So many of my friends and family have begged me to go on FB these past many years. "You're missing out on so much", "I wouldn't have to tell you these things if you were on FB", "You can find so many old friends on there". These are just some of their reasons why I should be on there. My reply is always "I can't miss what I don't know", "If it's too much trouble for you to tell me something, then maybe we should re-evaluate our relationship", "If my old friends were meant to be forever friends they would be without social media". Everyone I know on FB complains about something about it. I'm sticking to my decision to forego the pleasures of social media!

    1. Vicki I totally understand. I love seeing my Florida kids and grand kids and I'm getting better at blocking and hiding what I don't want to see.


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