Tuesday, August 19, 2014

bww - Saturday mornings should be savored

The last few Saturday mornings I have been completely surrounded by babies.

This little family was so sweet and accommodating to me, I practically rearranged their whole living room for our session and they were so helpful.

I really love babies, but more than that  . . . I love the amazing surprises God puts in my camera each week.  This little guy lying in his father's hands . . . don't you love it?

Link up your favorite black and white shots from this week.



  1. Sandi, I love the way you captured this tender moment and it's gorgeous in B&W!

  2. Truly stunning! A piece of art for sure.

  3. oh my heart! such gorgeousness. what a precious moment to capture. brilliantly done.

  4. So tender. So precious. This is just perfect!!!


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