Wednesday, August 13, 2014

bww - reality

Okay black and whiters . . . the new name I have for all your wonderful black and white photographers.  I am sorry for not posting a black and white picture and link up for you this week.

I am wedding planning with Reese's, working with Skittles, wedding stressing with Lollipop and talking allergies and tubes for Tootsie Roll with Tootsie Pop.

Praise above all praises for the week.  My niece Mounds got baptized by her father on Sunday!  Hallelujah!  I know the angels were dancing when this sweet little one was baptized, I was dancing in Arkansas!

On top of all this I have been to multiple doctor appointments to try to have some relief for my back problems.  AND  . . . while I am typing this post they called to schedule my appointment.  Praise the Lord!  Next Tuesday I will be on the next step of this journey that started with an MRI on 7/24/14.  Oh my!

No one gets in a hurry these days and I didn't want to wait until I couldn't move like I did last time with my neck surgery.  But it's still aggravating that I have to remain in pain for weeks on end just waiting for to get in the "system".

So maybe the next two weeks we won't have black and white Wednesday link up.  Hang in there with me, I am hoping that when this adventure is over my back problems will be too.


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