Sunday, July 20, 2014

grateful? Day 2

Hello, and welcome to Day 2.

Many times we only think about being grateful in the fall, specifically around Thanksgiving.  So I am glad our good friend S. challenged me on facebook to post three things I am thankful for and call out three of my friends each day.

I decided the 2 minute grateful list would play into this challenge nicely.

This list was originally posted on Rachel Martin's blog Finding Joy


Technology.  I am so thankful to be born in an age where all of you wonderful readers are only a few clicks away.  Where my grandson in Florida can Skype with me and I don't feel so far from him.  Besides that technology provides me with a job and my family with income.  

I LOVE . . . 

Relaxing weekends.  I love laying around on Saturdays with nothing in particular to do. No schedule to meet, no place to be, no projects to complete.  Just laying around watching bad sitcoms and pieces of movies.  We have been super busy lately, and I was glad to have a weekend off.


Getting well.  I have been sick and I think I am finally getting better.  Joy is still only showing up on the inside . . . it hasn't quite made it out to the surface yet, but it will.  I will be jumping for joy soon, I am sure of it.

I'M BLESSED (and here's why) . . .

I have an inside, air-conditioned sit-down job.  It is so hot here in south Arkansas I really feel for people who have to work outside in the heat every day.  Blessed to have the best boss (Santa).  Not everyone has a great boss that they have to work for.

Psalms 28:6
Blessed be God
    he heard me praying.
He proved he’s on my side;
    I’ve thrown my lot in with him.
Now I’m jumping for joy,
    and shouting and singing my thanks to him.


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