Thursday, July 24, 2014

Day 5 - grateful challenge

Ah . . . you thought I forgot about the last day of the challenge?  No, I just didn't want my black and white Wednesday linkers to miss out on the cute little Tootsie Roll photos.

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that I live in a small town.  I know a lot of things about this small town aggravate some of you.  But I have lived a lot of different places, and I finally am thankful for living here.  Despite all the drawbacks of living in the boonies like we do there are way more reasons to love it here.

I LOVE . . . 

When my grand-daughter brings her boys by to see their Gigi!  I got to see Cotton Candy walking today, only 10 months old and walking!  Got to hear all about judo chops, and math and cut off shorts from Candy Jar.  He cracks me up.


well, because the sun is shining, it's summer and God loves me.  Coming around from being sick and getting a good night sleep helps alot!

I'M BLESSED (and here's why) . . .

to have so many people in my life to love.  Because I know there are some of you out there who don't have someone or miss someone, know that Jesus loves YOU!  So amazing that the God of the universe reaches down to us and wants to embrace us and have a relationship with us.  I sometimes can't believe how blessed we are.  

Thanks to my good friend S for challenging me to remember why I am grateful and not slip into a pity party just because I am sick.  I want to think all of this thankfulness has made me feel better faster.  

Take just 2 minutes to be grateful each day.  Just try it and see if you have a better day.


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