Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Day 4 - grateful challenge

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The great people I work with and realize I could be stuck working with some really obnoxious people.  So thankful for all of them.  They make going to work less like work and more like family.

I LOVE . . . 

All our candy bits!  The grown ones the littles and all the ones in between.  Some of them, like Almond Joy going to middle school . . . wha???  I just love hearing what they are doing and where they have been.  Watching Reese's start to get excited about some of the wedding plans.  Seeing Kisses and Skittles growing together almost to year 2 of married life.  Lollipop and Sugar Daddy getting married this December!  Tootsie Pop getting a new job!


I am joyful that I can "almost" taste my breakfast sandwich (turkey bacon, egg and 12 grain bread).  After being sick all last week and missing out on the full enjoyment of my cheat day I am glad to know I am getting better.

I'M BLESSED (and here's why) . . .

All the little ones in our life, like our little Candy Jar who misses his Gigi and Pawpaw and "needs" to come swimming in our pool and Tootsie Roll who wants Papaw to pick him up when they are on Skype together (awwwww).  Blessed to overflowing.


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