Tuesday, July 8, 2014

ahh vacation

Well, I had more fun than one not-so-tiny human being should be allowed to have.  We went to Maui for an entire week.  We did so many new things and some things that we had done before, because Kisses and Toby went with us this time.  Plus our friends S&S came along.  

Snorkeling was at the top of the list of things the candy bits wanted to do.  I do not snorkel.  I did not get IN the ocean very much because I get sea sick very quickly.  Just standing in the surf made me queasy, so I spent the snorkeling time on the shore shooting pictures.  This private property on the bay past Lahaina was the perfect spot to snorkel.  Not a lot of waves, but lots of wild life to see and not just in the water either.

Being private property it was a little weird that they allowed us to come there to enjoy their bay.  We also had to share the beach with their many chickens and roosters.

The biggest kid in the water  . . . Santa, of course.  He swam the furthest, took the most pictures . . . he was the first one in the water and the last one out every place we went.  I was glad to see him having so much fun on this vacation.

With a view like this  . . . who wouldn't have fun?  Right?

Be sure to tune in later tonight for Black and White Wednesday!!


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