Monday, June 9, 2014

wet or dry??

Some of you who do not live in the US may not be familiar with the terms wet / dry county or you may have forgotten if you don't currently face this issue.  Actually there are quite a few things that I have already forgotten like the smoking/non-smoking issue.  I have already gotten used to the idea that I cannot smoke in ANY restaurant in my home state.  So much so that when I travel and they ask me if I want smoking or non-smoking I pause awkwardly trying to remember the correct answer.  LOL!

Here in Arkansas we have the wet (where alcohol can be purchased without a club membership) county and we have the dry (where the sale of alcohol is prohibited if not in a private club) county.  Now, the consumption of alcohol in a dry county is NOT prohibited.  And if the establishment sells a private club membership you can purchase alcohol in some places in dry counties.  However, there are no liquor stores or beer sold in convenient stores anywhere in a dry county. 

That was to catch you up . . . because if you live here in southwest Arkansas you are painfully aware of this terminology.

Currently, there is a petition being passed around in order to get this issue put on the ballot in November. NOT to allow the sale of alcohol but ONLY to place the question on the ballot in November.  The petition by itself will make no change to the law.  The petition ONLY makes it possible for the citizens of our county to vote on the wet/dry issue.

I have signed this petition.  (gasps and murmurs from the shocked crowd)

I am being totally honest with you when I say that I do not agree with the government telling citizens they cannot purchase alcoholic beverages.  I think it is every person's choice.  I firmly believe what the Bible teaches about drunkenness AND I still believe that occasional drinking is not a sin.  If you disagree, I do not mean to offend you.

My post (polite rant) is not about drunkenness or whether alcoholism destroys families.  It is also not about being able to purchase alcohol in my county.

It is about shining a big spot light on the truth.  THIS is MY truth.  I drink alcoholic beverages on occasion.  (gasp in unison . . . I think one lady fainted)

Not daily, not even weekly, but I do on occasion consume alcoholic beverages.  I have taught my children that there are laws associated with alcohol and not to break those laws.  Now that my children are all over 21 they are able to make their own decisions about alcohol.

This post is about shining a huge spotlight on a sleepy town that may think this issue is Biblical.  This issue does not mean much to God, especially in light of how many of these opponents are not doing much else to further God's kingdom.  


I am not perfect.  I do not always show Christ's love to others the way I should.  But I am not one of those people who is going to stand behind this supposed "Christian" issue and pretend to agree with all those people.  Fear and secrecy are at the heart of this issue much more than Biblical principal, in my opinion.

The last time this issue was voted on in our county was 1972.  That was a long time ago.  I believe that the truth behind why so many of our citizens are really "opposed" to this issue being voted on is because they enjoy living in the dark.  They enjoy going across the county line, or to a bootlegger to get alcohol so that no one will know what they do.
I do not hate these people.  Actually, a lot of them I love very much.  But I have to respectfully disagree with the political stand of some of these people. 

I say that what is truth in the dark is truth in the light.  It's time to turn on the light and deal with the truth.

Hey but you know me. . . . I'm just sayin'.


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