Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

I know some people who love, love, love their mom.

I know some people who hate their mom (gasp, really?).

I know some people who don't know their mom.

I know some people who are best friends with their mom.

Whichever one you are today . . . 
don't ever forget that whatever your mom did or didn't do for you 
in your life one thing remains undeniable.

Without your mom . . . you wouldn't be here.

1966 - Mom and me at my grandmother's house.  

Me and Mom at Reese's graduation!  

Thanking my mom for all the things she did for me would be redundant . . . because without her I wouldn't be here.
For me . . .
the egg was enough, everything else is a BONUS!

Thanks Mom, I love you!  (past heaven)


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