Tuesday, May 6, 2014

bww - Florida

I am so sorry I missed last week's black and white Wednesday!  But I have a really good excuse.  I was in Florida visiting these sweet little candy bits.

These are all the special little Florida candy bits, aka grandkids . . . together in one shot!  Tootsie Roll, Clark Bar, Sugar Pop and Mars Bar!

Yes, this IS Tootsie Roll with his dad!  Can you believe it has almost been a year?  I know it's crazy!

Grandson #1 pitching at his ball game.  How cool is it that Mamaw got to see him hit a double, AND steal home all in one game?

Splash pad fun by the water.

Oh so much to see . . .                  
and learn . . .
and know.

Oh the wonder of it all . . . 

You really should share your black and white shots with all of us!  It's super easy and free!!


  1. Looks much more important than a meme to me. Looks like you had fun with the kids. Love that last shot.

  2. All fabulous shots of the grandlittles, but I love the last one done in B&W ~ so precious!

  3. Looks like you had a great time! Very cute shots!

  4. Looks like a VERY excuse to me! You must have had a wonderful time with these munchkins :)

  5. Adorable BW photo for BWW ~ am sure you were filled with love and sharing ~ xoxo

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  6. Wonderful b & w of your grandson.

  7. Lovely serie and your b&w photo is very good!
    My B&W Blog: http://hanshb.wordpress.com/
    or http://hanshb.wordpress.com/2014/

  8. Those grandbabykins are always so fun. I love being a grandmom. It looks like a great visit you had, and some great photos. :)

  9. These are lovely photos! You've got some adorable grandkids! :)


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