Tuesday, March 4, 2014

bww - TGFIO Revisited

My "real" TGFIO post is below.  The whole "driving to Kentucky thing" for my aunt's funeral threw me a curve last week.  But I wanted to share this post with you now, since I am back and had a rainy Sunday to finish shooting it.

What?  What is it?

This was/is the Christmas tablecloth from my grandmother.  Starting in 1978 she had all of us sign at Christmas and then she would embroidery over our signatures each year with Christmas colors.  There are almost 15 years of signatures on this tablecloth. 

I have wanted to photograph this tablecloth for years and my mom finally remembered to bring it to me when I was there for my high school reunion last year.  

In the middle of it all is my grandfather's signature, the only time he signed the tablecloth (probably because it belonged to my grandmother and him) but I didn't remember him signing and was surprised when I found this on Sunday.

 (gravy stains and all)

In 1990 and 1991 the year my grandfather and father died, respectively, there are no signatures.  Once I had tagged all the signatures with their appropriate dates, and looked at the number of signatures for each year, it made me sad to realize that was why there were no signatures for those years.  

When I first met Santa, we did go to my grandmother's house for Christmas and yes, he signed the tablecloth.  . . 

 . . . just this one time. 

Some of the more creative signatures over the years.


And this one, I texted my sister and she actually drew this flute.  Very impressive!!

The real reason for this post is because every February I miss my dad more and more.  The signatures on this tablecloth may not mean anything to any of you, but to our family each represents a Christmas when we were together and a time when we shared a meal with my grandmother.

I know why you are all here . . . so here is your black and white shot for the week.

Which one do you prefer the black and white . . . 

 . . . or color?



  1. What a wonderful labor of love going over the signatures with embroidery, and a great idea too. Embroidery lasts better than ink.

    Wow I'm torn on this one, but I think I like the color better.

  2. What a charming idea that your grandmother had here! There is so much love clearly on this one piece of fabric that only someone such as yourself can truly appreciate. I loved that you shared it with us. I like the creativity that some brought to the tablecloth canvas. I bet your grandma smiled alot embroidering each new design.

    I think I prefer the color version over the B&W image, simply because it gives me that Christmasy sense. No B&W photo on my blog today. Drats! I forget to do this nearly every week!! Oh well, happy WW! ;) BTW, I'm sorry for your family's loss. Saying a prayer for you & yours.

  3. What a cool heirloom to have - I'm sure you treasure it!


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