Friday, February 28, 2014

TGFIO - 2014 Edition

Well, it's officially March . . . by just ONE minute, but it's over, February is finally over.  (Check out more TGFIO posts to see what it's all about.)  As you may remember, I really HATE February.  I don't hate the people who were born in February . . . like Itty Bitty or Aunt S. but it's so depressing for me.  

This year, my Aunt Pat went to heaven on the exact same day as my dad.  February 20th.  Not only did she die on the same day but she was buried right beside him in the cemetery.  It was a painful reminder of how long my dad has been gone.  

One of my good friends, C. lost her mom this month.  Another friend lost her sister in a tragic car accident this month.  A 9 year old boy was killed in a hunting accident just days before I went to Kentucky for the funeral.  And yesterday our good friend and co-worker told us his father (and life-long fishing buddy) also died all in this horrible month.

Not to mention the anniversary of Lollipop and Tootsie Pop's dad's death, which is the same date as their friend who was killed by her boyfriend when she was only 15 years old. 

As hard as February has been this year, with all the multiple funerals and deaths, we can rest assured that our Aunt Pat is in heaven with Jesus.  Being from a Christian family really does help you deal with the inevitability of death, but beyond spending eternity in heaven with Jesus we can have a full and abundant life here on earth before we die.

Our pastor once said that everyone always asks what will you do if you die tonight and you are face to face with God.  What will you tell Him is the reason He should let you in to heaven. . . . everyone, especially here in the Bible belt, knows this question as one of those questions you ask when you witness to someone.  But our pastor asked a much more important question  . . . "but what if you live?"  

Isn't it more important to accept Jesus now and LIVE for Him before you die and face God in heaven?  I believe that the sooner you accept Jesus the sooner you get to have that "like Christmas every day" kind of life I have been telling you all about.  There are so many things that bring us down in this life.  We all need a savior.  Why not start today?  Need to know more?  Click on the "Do You Know Jesus" link on the right side bar menu, to find out how.


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