Thursday, January 23, 2014

tbh - do you even know what that means?

tbh = to be honest . . . 

I see this DAILY on facebook posted by teenagers looking to interact with everyone . . . or anyone.  You are supposed to give your honest opinion of the person who posted the "tbh".  
Do 12-16 year olds really know how to give an honest opinion of someone?  I do not know.  

To be honest . . . I turned 49 in October of last year and it really sucks having a birthday in October (probably worse in November in December) because of this reason . . . 

When January comes around (just a few short months after your birthday) everyone (well, at our house SANTA) starts in with how old you will be THIS YEAR!  Yes, this is true, I will be that "new age" THIS year . . . but good grief I just got to the age I am a few short months ago.  Why are you all pushing me to age another year already?

To be honest . . . I am thinking of changing my hair to be my natural color . . . which is undeniably GRAY!  I am tired.  Tired of hair color, tired of roots, tired of matching color, tired of spilling color on towels, bathroom rugs, WHITE bathroom cabinets. . . as you can see I am tired.

There is no changing the fact that I have this hair color.  There is only temporarily avoiding the fact and I'm tired of avoiding it.  (I'll let you know what my hairdresser and I decide . . .LOL!)

So leave me a comment  . . . if you dare . . . of your own tbh.  Maybe it is your view on life, or something that you are aggravated by or something you wish you could say.  

To be honest 10 or so people might see this post.  LOL!!

Let the comments begin !!!



  1. I am going grey too! I am sick of all the things you mentioned and my daughter thinks I am nuts. Go for it and be yourself!

    1. Omgee!! My daughter through a fit yesterday when she read this post. She said she did not want some gray-haired mom in her wedding pictures (next year)! She EVEN offered to PAY for the trip to the salon so I wouldn't have to keep doing this. I didn't know my hair color had such an impact on HER life. LOL!!


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