Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Best Face of 2013 - i heart faces

Photo Challenge Submission

My biggest challenge for 2013 was not the "i heart faces" photo challenges, but getting a photo of a sleeping baby.  You know those adorable newborn shots of the little sleeping baby?  Yeah, well they don't just fly into your camera automatically.  2013, for me, was the year of the WIDE-AWAKE babies.  For some reason every baby I photographed wanted to look at my camera.  It didn't matter that I had heaters or clothes on them, morning or afternoon, they just didn't want to sleep.

So even little Miss B. had to keep one eye on the camera.  Since this pretty much sums up my 2013 in photographs I chose this as my "Best Face of 2013" shot!  What do you think?


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