Tuesday, December 17, 2013

bww - Toby is a college graduate!

I know you are all shocked that I am back to the blog-o-sphere.  I have been very busy (I wish I could say taking pictures, but no) doing other things.  I totally forgot to post last week.  I mean forgot until Wednesday around midnight.  That's so terrible.

Busy, busy, busy . . .  but no picture taking, unfortunately, it has been rainy, then cold, then dreary, then finally this weekend the sun peeped out.  So no one wants to take pictures in the rain, you know?  Nope just busy with other projects.  

There are many stepping stones on the way to Reese's and Toby's big day . . . in 2015. They both want to graduate from college before they get married.  One of those stepping stones has finally been reached. Toby has graduated from SAU.   Hooray!

The President of the College conferring degrees on all the graduates.
 One of the girls in Toby's class decorated her cap.

 Congratulations to Toby!

Proud of your accomplishments . . . so far!  So here is your black and white for the week!  



  1. First up, congrats to Toby on a job well done! Now, that gal was very clever to decorate her cap. I just love it! She's proclaiming God's direction for her life, even though she may not know what it is just yet. Great photos, as always! Y'all have a very Merry Christmas!

  2. Congrats! Crazy times here as well, hope all falls into place for the holidays!

  3. He looks so proud. What an amazing moment as a parent. Congrats to you all!


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